This site is kind of a hall of shame to warn citizens of high risk businesses who have chosen to basically advertise to criminals and terrorists that their establishment is a safer place to rob or attack because they ban legal concealed carry on their premises.  Statistics are undeniable that in areas where there is legal concealed carry that there is LESS violent crime.  One of the criminal's worst fears is to encounter an armed citizen!

Whether through simple ignorance or basic anti-American philosophy these businesses put their customers in a high risk environment when they post against legal concealed carry. 

While it is certainly not our purpose to publish a list of prime terrorist targets we take some satisfaction in the knowledge that there should never be any real Americans or patriots present at these locations.


Can they be so ignorant that they believe that criminals will obey their stupid little signs?

highrisknc.com           highrisknc.com

If you consider yourself a patriot or just a believer in this great country and its constitution you need to boycott anti-American, anti-constitutional businesses.

If you know of a business that should appear here or should not be here just email american@highrisknc.com.  Note that spam is reported.

Want to get involved?  Just let us know about posted businesses in NC. Snap a photo too and we might post it here.

Please take a moment and contact these businesses and let them know how you feel and about this site.  Post on their social media and REVIEWS! 
If you are in North Carolina and believe in America and the constitution you should join Grass Roots North Carolina http://www.grnc.org
Some other great organizations are http://www.usconcealedcarry.net and http://www.gunowners.org and http://www.ccrkba.org
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"Discerning mass murderers prefer unarmed helpless victims."

See below the list of high risk businesses where violent criminals can feel quite safe and comfortable.

A situation occurred where unarmed people were robbed at the 2014 NC State Fair.  This is particularly egregious because it was a RINO named Steve Troxler who betrayed America and the NC voters who made the mistake of  electing him assisted by an anti-American liberal judge. They illegally banned concealed carry and then lied about providing police protection.  It is well documented here:

Person County Social Services Dept (How contemptible that they would put mothers,children and elderly at risk to maintain their ignorant anti-American agenda.)

Person County Social Services Department
355 Madison Blvd # B, Roxboro, NC 27573
Phone:(336) 599-8361

Please note that Person County Commissioners patriotically voted to remove the stupid signs from most county locations. The DSS, however, will retain the signs thanks to a last minute amendment by

David Newell, Sr.  Vice-Chairman 211 Clayton Avenue  Roxboro, NC 27573 
(336) 597-2248  newell@esinc.net

http://www.hollyhillmall.com Holly Hill Mall in Burlington NC

309 Huffman Mill Rd.  Burlington, NC 27215 tjones@hollyhillmall.com 336-584-5118

Roxboro Animal Hospital 336-599-8303 585 Patterson Drive Roxboro, NC 27573

Roxboro animal hospital anti-American Roxboro Animal Hospital anti-American

Fred's store at 1528 South Lafayette ST, Shelby, NC, 28152 District Manager Mick Holstrom 901-482-8715

Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Ron Bremer Financial Planner
Address: 104 N Main St, Roxboro, NC 27573  Phone:(336) 597-3600

First Citizens Bank www.firstcitizens.com
More info at http://grnc.org/grnc-alerts-archive/731-grnc-alert-02-15-15-first-citizens-bank-bans-ccw

Another newer  GRNC update about First Citizens Bank here

Whole Foods www.wholefoodsmarket.com

Twisted Noodles  East Gate Shopping Center, 1800 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Phone: (919) 933-9933 www.twistednoodles.com

The Streets at Southpoint http://www.streetsatsouthpoint.com

Triangle Dermatology Associates PA  823 Broad Street Durham, NC 27705 http://trianglederm.com/durham-dermatologist.html